Arizona Hunting & Species

Early Season Elk


Hearing elk bugle throughout the night has left you on edge, interrupted your sleep, and left you very anxious for the morning hunt. When it is finally time to go out, you and your seasoned elk guide venture into the darkness and let out a bugle. Almost instantly you hear several bull elk answer in almost every direction. Briefly, you get lost in the moment and brought back to reality by your guide nudging you and with a smile he says “Let’s do this!” As you take your first step toward the old raspy sounding bugle, you breathe in Arizona elk country and know you will love every minute of your hunt. We want you to experience elk hunting in Arizona the way it is meant to be!


Our early season Arizona elk hunts are a fast paced “run and gun” style adventure. We call aggressively to elk when we have to, and stay silent when the situation calls for it. Bull elk don't stay put for very long during the rut in Arizona so we must reposition frequently to give us the upper hand when calling in these Arizona bull elk for our clients. The Arizona elk rut hunts take place in September and can be a little on the warm side. Be prepared for fast paced morning elk hunts while calling for bulls and repositioning to get in front of the elk herd. The physical nature of these rut hunts in the Arizona heat will leave you exhausted at the end of each day only to be rejuvenated by the sound of the first bugle in the morning. Because of the typical habit of elk to use a water source in the evening, we may ask clients to either sit in a tree stand or ground blind over an elk wallow or water source. We have trail cameras set out over elk wallows and water sources year round to ensure our clients will have an eventful Arizona elk hunt when not calling for bulls.


Late Season Elk


You and your Split Tine elk guide have hiked to a pre-determined glassing spot under the cover of darkness. Arriving at the spot, you can’t help but absorb the beauty of Arizona elk country, even through the pre-dawn darkness. Briefly you think about how lucky you are to be elk hunting in Arizona. There is a cool breeze as you and your guide set up your binoculars to glass the basin for monster Arizona bull elk. You've only been glassing for a short time when you hear it…”I’ve got elk, okay it’s a bull…He’s a good one, let’s go!!”


You can expect cold, possibly wet Arizona elk hunting weather on these late season northern Arizona elk hunts. We will glass all day, leaving camp before the sun is up, and returning once again after it has gone down. We typically see a lot of bull elk on these late season Arizona elk hunts as they hang out in their post rut sanctuaries recovering from a rigorous elk rut. Come experience a classic late season Arizona elk hunt with us, and leave with memories that will last a lifetime.


Deer Hunts


Hunt the rut!! You and your Split Tine Outfitters guide have been glassing the Arizona desert for mule deer. You’ve been passing up quite a few desert muleys because your guide has been seeing a monster in here the last couple weeks. As your guide sees a few does filing out of a desert wash, he shows you where they are. As you pan your binoculars over to where he is directing you…BOOM, there he is! The Arizona desert muley you came here to find… Can you compose yourself long enough to make an undetected stalk and then a good shot?


Spot and stalk is the primary method in which our Arizona deer hunts are conducted. Hunting deer in Arizona may be different than anywhere you have hunted in the past and although different, these Arizona deer hunts are not short on action nor time behind the glass. We are lucky to have two distinct species in which to hunt. Both coues whitetail deer and mule deer; each offers their own unique set of challenges. Read on to find out how we hunt the elusive deer of Arizona.


Mule Deer


Mule deer inhabit a large range of habitat types throughout our state. Arizona mule deer hunts are available from the low country in the Sonoran desert all the way up to above timberline. It’s up to you to decide where you could like to hunt. Tags for Arizona’s rifle mule deer season are available through a draw process, some units are fairly easy to draw and still hold big Arizona mule deer bucks! We’ve experienced successful mule deer hunts in all Arizona habitat types but prefer to find areas within each unit that allow glassing for muley bucks. Glassing for Arizona mule deer is a systematic approach, we would love to show you how we glass for deer!


Coues Whitetail Deer


Arizona coues whitetail hunts are very similar to mule deer hunts. We find a glassing spot with a commanding view of the area, get comfortable, and commence glassing the Arizona countryside. A lot of Arizona coues whitetail hunts are easy to draw and offer great hunting for solid Arizona coues bucks! We typically hunt in the 3500’-6000’ elevation in Arizona’s high desert where coues whitetail are most plentiful. The early Arizona coues whitetail season can be hot in late October, we suggest  you dress accordingly and be prepared for 90 degree plus temperatures as we glass for these little Arizona deer.




You’ve been crawling on your stomach for over an hour in Arizona’s best antelope unit. The buck you are after is just over 100 yards away with his does and feeding your direction. Without giving any hint of notice, this beautiful Arizona pronghorn buck chases his doe in your direction and is right on top of you within seconds. He's freaking big, you draw your bow, settle your pin, and prepare for the shot of your life! Are you ready?


Arizona pronghorn antelope hunts are simply not easy to draw! For those lucky enough to have drawn an antelope tag in Arizona however, you're in for a great hunt! We guide for all Arizona antelope seasons and have a great time amidst the Arizona heat glassing up big antelope bucks! Glassing for antelope in Arizona is the preferred method in which to locate your buck. We will most likely look over a bunch of bucks on your Arizona antelope hunt although most of our antelope hunters kill a good buck on opening day thanks to our aggressive scouting style and the availability of big antelope bucks in Arizona.




Finding javelina in Arizona can sometimes prove to be the most difficult aspect of hunting them. You and your guide have been glassing for hours and the javelina sign is everywhere! uprooted bushed, prickly pear cactuses are torn up and other tell tale marks of javelina have been present throughout the day. Your Split Tine Outfitters guide finally finds a small hers bedded under a palo verde tree and you devise a plan. Before long you are standing at 25 yards waiting for the largest boar in this particular group of Arizona javelina to stand up. He soon does and you place an arrow right in the boiler room as he growls and takes off into the brush. Javelina scatter everywhere, some almost running into you upon their exit! Finding your javelina piled up only 40 yards from where he was shot, you admire the uniqueness of your new trophy.


Javelina hunts in Arizona are a typical glassing endeavor. Because of their salt and pepper coloration, they can be difficult to glass up in the Arizona desert. Some areas are literally overrun with javelina in Arizona making this hunt an exciting adventure, especially when combined with a mule deer or coues whitetail hunt during the January archery season. These mixed bag hunts are typically a riot and well…exhausting because of the many stalks you will make in pursuit of javelina, mule deer and or coues whitetail deer.



The old gobbler you and your guide have been working is getting closer. With each gobble this Arizona turkey is making your adrenaline course through your veins. Your guide is positioned about 70 yards behind you calling sparingly, yet effectively as this longboard is on a crash course with destiny. At mere feet the turkey is finally visible through the dense Arizona high country vegetation. You’ve been anxiously awaiting his arrival as you slip of the safety and send it home.


Our Arizona turkey hunts take place right in the middle of the annual breeding season. These Arizona birds are typically more than willing to come into a call. In fact, calling for turkeys is our primary method for ensuring a successful hunt. Expect close shots and tons of action as your guide calls in birds for you throughout the hunt. However, it usually only takes one…


Cow Elk


The herd your Split Tine Outfitters guide glassed up is feeding slowly to a patch of timber to bed down for the day. If you hurry, you can get there before the elk do and make a shot. Arriving at the bedding area before the cow elk, you take a moment to compose yourself for a shot. You can see the first few of the herd closing in as you brace your rifle on the trunk of an Arizona Ponderosa pine tree. The two year old cow never knew what hit her. Processing the meat you revel in your success as you plan out almost a years worth of meals gained from hard work by your own hands.


Our three day cow elk hunts are offered at a discounted rate because of the typical ease of these Arizona cow elk hunts. Thats not to say they're always easy…Although our success rate is 100 percent while hunting Arizona cow elk, sometimes you must work fairly hard for you Arizona cow in somewhat rugged country.

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